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Building on the success of Volume II, Maynard's returns with the Port Encyclopedia Vol. III.

As a gift of celebration for yourself or someone else, this delicious volume will be at home in any wine lovers' cabinet. For connoisseurs and new initiates to the world of Port Wines.  

LCBO # 354828


Alvaro, oversees the winemaking of five company brands, and is recognized as one of Portugal’s most outstanding winemakers and twice awarded Portugal’s Best Fortified Wine Winemaker (2011 & 2015)

Fernando, with his beautiful daughter-in-law Mariana Van Zeller who covers  administration & marketing, keeping the ongoing family tradition of succeeding generations. Fernando oversees exports to 15 countries, often holding, as per this London Sunday Times event, daylong workshops… as in “I work and my wife shops”


Fernando and Alvaro would be interested to know what you think. Please email us with the form on our Contact page with the subject: Maynards

Quinta do Noval some would argue is the greatest Port House…

Robert Parker puts it among the three he calls greatest.

Maynard’s is the flagship brand of Fernando and Alvaro Van Zeller’s Vinihold’s company. The Van Zeller name is synonymous with Port in Portugal, by virtue of two facts: (1) they are the oldest existing family in Portugal’s wine business, counting 16 continuous generations since 1780, and (2) the Van Zellers forebears were the owners of the iconic brand Quinta do Noval brand which was purchased in 1894. 

Consider these facts:

  • The Wine Spectator in 1999 selected Quinta do Noval Nacional 1931 as one of the two best wines of the 20th century


  • Alvaro Van Zeller’s began his winemaking career and crafted his skills at Quinta do Noval


  • Fernando and Alvaro’s grandfather, Luis de Vasconcellos Porto was one of the most innovative and key figures in the worldwide acceptance of Port


  • a natural marketer, Vasconcellos launched the 1954 LBV (Late Bottle Vintage), a new category of Port that was soon copied by every other house (he was also first to do stenciled labels)


  • Fernando and Alvaro’s father, Fernando Luis Van Zeller took over Quinta do Noval in 1963 and sold it in 1993


After the sale, the sons were given a small stock of wine in 1996 which the Van Zeller brothers have successfully grown in only 20 years into an up and coming Port producer and exporter reaching the position of #6 worldwide. Of course, if you have over 230 years of Port winemaking and marketing in your DNA, it does give you a little leg up on the competition. The Port Encyclopedia is a result of Fernando’s natural marketing skills and Alvaro’s well-honed winemaking skills.

Experience the richness of Gold Medal winning 40 Year Old Port at an unbeatable price.

92 points - Dean Tudor, Gothic Epicures​


"This is a great introduction for tasting port, a sort-of tutorial. And very useful for a Christmas gift in that price range (it is actually five dollars cheaper than last year's vol. II). Here are six of the Van Zeller family's Barão de Vilar's fine Ports for this sampling set. They have been in the business of port for 16 generations (since 1652); the LBV concept was originated by them in 1954. The six tubes are 60 mL each: 12 ounces in total. Just perfect for 2 – 3 persons, say about $18 each, for that educational experience and fun. There are notes on the inside of the box (which looks like a book), and if you want more, there is always Wikipedia. The first three may not seem much like a bargain (white, ruby, tawny) but the latter three are bargains in this context (reserve tawny [10-20 yrs, 40-year old tawnies, plus a Colheita 2006 single vineyard). There are tasting notes provided (the tawnies regularly get over 90 points or gold medals just about everywhere) as well as suggested pairings with food. [...] My fave, of course, was the 40-year old tawny, with its complicated nose, nuttiness, and dried fruit tones on the palate. Kudos all round, better than volume II." 

95 points - Matt Steeves, quercusvino.ca​


"Port, the storied fortified wine from Portugal, is loved by many around the world for its rich and refreshing characteristics that are simply perfect when enjoyed after a fine meal in the company of great friends. Like wine, Port comes in many different styles, each with unique characteristics that make them best suited for specific purposes whether that be with main dishes, desserts, or simply enjoying by the fire.

Following a very successful Volume II release last year, Maynard’s has released their Port Wine Encyclopedia Volume III in time for the holiday season, so you better make some room on that book shelf for one more ‘must read’  ‘best seller’!

Volume III includes a flight of six different Ports, including a White Port, Ruby Port, Tawny Port, Reserve Tawny Port, a 40 Year Tawny Port, and a 2006 Colheita Port – practically every style you can dream of, and all beautifully presented in a hard cover encyclopedia shell that would totally go undiscovered in anyone’s library, or shelf at work…

Rare is it to have six different styles of any beverage to sample in one package, but Maynard’s delivers style and function with this educational and entertaining flight of Ports that is by the way totally delicious as you sample your way through six tasty styles of Ports, from White Port to 40 year old Tawny Port. Complete with encyclopedia-like information on each of the styles, this is a tutored-tasting in a box. Impress your friends, family, or colleagues with your knowledge and lead them on a tasting and sensory journey with this Port Encyclopedia.

Especially unique are the Ports that bookend this flight, from a somewhat rarely seen (in the Canadian market) White Port to the very expensive 40 year old Tawny Port (that’s right, the juice in that bottle is on average 40 years old making is so incredibly nutty, smooth, and complex). The flight of six Ports are packaged in individual glass 60ml bottles that enable a few tasters to sample each, or one lucky taster to taste them several times over a period of time as these Port

If you’re looking for a great holiday gift for that special wine/Port lover in your life, this may be the best gift you could get, especially for the value price and the rich experience that comes with it. Highly recommended. Tasted November 2017."